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“The NIWA is pleased to work in partnership with the NI Sports Forum and create a Service Level Agreement on a mechanism through which volunteers and others can apply for either an Enhanced Disclosure without a Barred List check or an Enhanced Disclosure with a Barred List check.

Under the current agreement the NI Sports Forum will assist the NIWA through the Access NI process and act as an Umbrella Body i.e. an approved organisation which submits criminal history checks to Access NI on behalf of other non-registered organisations.

The NI Sports Forum will act as the first point of contact with Access NI and gather additional information Access NI request, by either contacting the NIWA or the applicant themselves.

Information on the process can be obtained from the following web site, where an online application can be commenced.

Both Access NI and the NI Sports Forum will prioritise the processing of online applications.

The NIWA will be responsible for deciding who should be checked as the individuals is or will be participating in regulated activity*. The NIWA will also obtain written approval from the applicant that their information can be passed to the NI Sports Forum and pass that approval to the NI Sports Forum.

A Pin Notification & ID Validation Form is included for this purpose.

The NI Sports Forum will charge a fee of £10.00 to cover administration costs; for those in a paid role the charge will be £43.00 £33.00 to cover the fee charged by Access NI + £10.00 administration fee)

* Regulated Activity involves those positions required to have access to children and/or vulnerable adults, in defined circumstances”

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